Chasen Cup

While you're free to sip away on your beverage of choice, our Chasen Cup is named after the elegant shape of the whisk used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

I'm already envisaging using this for my first coffee of the morning.. .or sake with dinner.. or cradling Japanese whiskey in the evening.  Sadly I can't keep it because I bought it for you!

Although it might be hard to detect on some screens - the fine stripes, resembling the split bamboo whiskers of the chasen, are brushed on using midnight blue and darkest maroon glazes. 

We purchased this hand-crafted Setoyaki pottery tea cup in a small pottery town in Aichi prefecture, not far from Nagoya.




 7.5cm diameter across the top

 8.5 cm tall



Handle carefully. Avoid microwave. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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