Japanese Incense

If like us you find incense from some countries to be of the cloying, overly pungent, nana's stale perfume variety and have been turned off it for life - we implore you to give Japanese incense a chance. We guarantee you will be very pleasantly surprised. 

The making of Japanese incense, like most things the Japanese turn their hand to, is truly an art form. Incense is considered one of the ways to beautify a space - scent being all important to our senses and often mood.

In the past incense was also a parlour card-game of sorts where players would guess the scent of the components of the incense  - particularly popular with Kyoto's Geiko and Maiko (Geisha and their trainees). Beats Grand Theft Auto or Tiddlywinks in our humble opinion.

Japanese incense is of the highest quality and the finest have highly concentrated natural, elegant and evocative scents. You cannot compare them to cheaper,  mass-produced incense. 

We have delighted so many people with the incense we burn at home that we find it hard to keep enough stock of it for ourselves!

Trust us  - if aroma is important to you and your home - you are going to love these beauties! 

Once you try this incense you will be hooked so don't say we didn't warn you !

Like a really good 'mixed tape' we're hand-selecting our favourite aromas for every box in both traditional and contemporary styles. Buy more than one box at a time and you'll be guaranteed a wider range of fragrance.  

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