Obi & Sashes

Various styles and widths of stunning, decorative sash are used to tie and hold Kimono in place.

Silk Obi are a wider sash which can present as simply woven silk cloth or vibrantly coloured and/or adorned with embroidery in a wide variety of patterns or motifs. Even if one only ever owns a single kimono it can be dressed up to be suitable for a variety of occasions simply but adding the appropriate sash. 

Our small range of handpicked new, vintage and antique obi and other types of traditional sash in 100% silk can be used for tying kimono however we anticipate more of you will desire the Obi as other foreigners do .. for displaying as artwork or utilising them as decorative table or sideboard runners or exotically draped over the end of a bed.

The thinner Obijime, which traditionally tie over the top of the Obi sash to help secure and sometimes enhance it, can be used as a simple tie when wearing Kimono or yukata as a robe.  Often they are intricately braided or woven as you will see and as such they also make great belts for a dress or can be used as  chord for wearing around your neck - strung with bold beads or a pendant . If you are even mildly gifted when it comes to arts and crafts this will be a doddle. 


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