Kimono & Haori

Superbly hand-crafted, silk Kimono and Haori form part of Japan's traditional wear for both women and men.

We've collected these stunning, pre-loved pieces during our travels through Japan, mainly in Kyoto - long famous for it's silk textile industry. However, we also have a trusted expert on the ground who keeps a discerning eye out for unique, well presented garments on our behalf.

All our Kimono and Haori are hand-sewn, vintage or antique and 100% silk. On rare occasion it is possible that a more recently updated 'lining' may be made of a different fabric for ease of care. We'll naturally let you know in the product description if that is the case.

The Japanese are a highly respectful nation so although some of our Kimono are very old, they have been so lovingly maintained they look and feel new.  It is however important to note that due to age there can sometimes be imperfections and discolouration in places - predominantly on the inner lining which is not visible when worn. We endeavour to point out all such examples wherever possible.  

Kimonos are traditionally worn long, tied with an obi (wide silk sash) and sometimes other sashes on more formal or dressy occasions. Haori are shorter jackets which are sometimes worn over the top of Kimono as an extra layer and tie easily at the front with short braided silk ties which are attached to the lapels  - they slip neatly away if the Haori is worn open.  

As all vintage and antique kimono were hand made you may see some loose, temporary stitches around edges of sleeves, hems and collars. These stitches, called shitsuke ito, are retained to assist the valuable kimono in holding its shape and alignment when not being worn. The stitches are normally removed before wearing then restitched again after cleaning and before storage. We like the air of authenticity they bring so feel free to keep them if you like, or carefully remove them before wearing.  

Whether you wear a Kimono or Haori as traditionally intended or repurpose them as glamorous jackets or luxurious robes you'll look and feel pretty damn amazing - even if you are simply dressing up a pair of jeans! These garments are works of art in themselves which look just as striking hung on the wall.

We hope you'll find yourself the perfect item within our intimate collection. 

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