Yukata are casual, lightweight, kimono-like robes made from fine cotton for wearing in the hot summer months in Japan - they are tied closed with a separate sash.

For ease of translation you often hear Yukata referred to as a 'summer kimono'. They are unlined so that the fabric can breath  - perfect when it's 'mushi atsui' - steaming hot with humidity! 

Originally Yukata were only worn by nobility - to and from communal bath houses which were separate to the home. They are now commonly worn by most folk at summer festivals and events. Hotels and traditional inns sometimes offer them instead of pyjamas. 

Our small number of hand-selected vintage yukata are 100% quality cotton, screen-printed with true Japanese indigo which is why they have retained their rich blue hues over time.  We've collected these yukata during our travels around Japan and , while you can buy modern yukata in a variety of colours, blue and white is the most traditional style and we are a little bit obsessed with it - particularly the coveted vintage geometric designs we have sourced. 

Many people now wear Yukata as bath robes or summer dressing gowns and we suggest you do too! The Japanese are a highly respectful nation so although these yukata are quite old they have been lovingly maintained.


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