Paafekutto Bowls

Whilst slightly different in size, we think these Jade and Pear-green glazed rice bowls are the 'paafekutto pair'.  Of course they also make great snack or dip bowls - and guarantee to brighten up the dullest nook or table top without even trying. 

We cannot separate them because it would be cruel - they travel as a duo. 

The slightly larger Jade glazed bowl has a terracotta foot while the Pear glazed bowl's foot sports a chocolate brown clay .

Hand-crafted in Tamba-Sasayama (near Kyoto) by a local artist.




Jade - 12.5 cm / Pear 11.5 cm diameter across the top

Jade 6.5cm /  Pear 6 cm tall



Handle carefully. Avoid  microwave. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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