Temari Cup

The charming handmade blue and white glazed cup is covered in patterned rounds representing traditionally crafted Temari;  balls woven with thread in various patterns. They have a long history with much folklore attached and are considered a sign of femininity - as much, they were passed from mother to daughter - although these days such miniature works of art are available ready to purchase. The balls were sometimes used in a game similar to hackey sack.

While this style of cup is popularly used for tea these days, its shape determines that it was once only used for soba noodles. This is not a vintage or antique piece - it's a modern interpretation. 

We purchased this Setoyaki pottery tea cup in a small pottery town in Aichi prefecture, not far from Nagoya. A modern stencil printing method is used. 





 8 cm diameter across the top

 6.5 cm tall



Handle carefully. Avoid microwave. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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