Washi Writing Paper Duo

If like us you still appreciate the romance of a hand written note - you'll fall in love with these two writing pads of high quality Japanese paper - although a warning that they are almost too beautiful to write on.

Silky smooth, translucent sheets feature subtle patterns - one in a very natural but fine textured, handmade paper-pulp style and one with elegant floral swirls. 

The floral patterned paper has a lined piece of card included -  for inserting under each new page as you write to help keep your writing neat and  the very fine pulpy washi included very faint lines on each sheet of paper  - you just can't go wrong. The lines are barely noticeable when there is writing on the page but it does add to the Japanese-ness of the paper!

These were originally made for writing Japanese characters so the lines are vertical however it simply means turning the paper to 'landscape' mode to write in English. 

You can also use this paper to line a small gift box or place on petits fours, cupcakes or chocolates on a platter - or if serving tempura at a dinner party you can fold a page over and place on each serving dish before popping the tempura on top, with a little mound of salt in the corner - the paper will look completely elegant as it surreptitiously soaks up any residual oil...

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