Maneki Neko Stamp and Paperclip Set

Seriously.... do the Japanese make the best stationery items or what?? 

So much fun! Ever-creative items, always excellent quality and longer lasting. 

We're thinking of forming our own SAS - Stationery Appreciation Society!

If you are a little bit stationery obsessed or know someone who is - this might just be the perfect gift. 

Firstly note the hand-made stamp featuring Maneki Neko - that's the famous beckoning cat you see in Japanese (and often Chinese) stores and some homes - their little paws are asking you to come inside.

They are often called lucky cats as they are said to bring business or wealth. Stamps are great for making gift cards or stamping papercraft or giftwrapping.  

The paper clips are curiously and ironically stationery themed - in fact if you look closely you'll discover they are clip/fastener themed -  paperclips decorated with a paperclip, bull dog clip and safety pin... too cool for school!

There are 30 pieces in the bag... save them for special ;)

*Free shipping Australia-wide

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