Iro Iro Paper 'Kaleidoscope' Set

Paper aficionados with ADHD will jump for joy over this eclectic set of Japanese washi paper in pretty much every colour of the rainbow, origami paper in various sizes and gorgeous natural tones and Cherry Blossom origami squares in a fantastic range of contrasting colours. 

Some of this paper is highly expensive to purchase in Japan however as one packet has been opened to use a couple of sheets for a photo shoot, and another has been on the shelves, unopened, long enough for the paper clips to very slightly corrode rendering a couple corners to possibly need trimming before use we are discounting the set.

If you craft with paper  - painting, cutting , shaping , wrapping etc   - you know how valuable this little bounty is! There's over 100 beautiful sheets of paper here!

Largest pieces are 23x29 (30 pieces)

Medium pieces are 15 cm square (about 50 pieces)

Small pieces are 10 cm square (30 pieces) 

*Free shipping Australia-wide

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