'Guruguru' Tea Bowl

We've named this striking hand-made chawan or tea bowl 'Guruguru', meaning 'around and around', for obvious reasons.

It's rather unusual to see something so contemporary and bold in a tea bowl.

Many people tend towards a more rustic or simple look for tea ceremony bowls so as not too distract too much from the ceremony itself -  but we love the hand-brushed, free-flowing swirls in chocolate over the sheer, malt coloured glaze by this contemporary artist who is clearly a free spirit!

And besides - a true tea ceremony should ideally be tailored to the guest -  in a subtle display of omotenashi....

Whether you drink from this or not - Guruguru is a beautiful piece of ceramic art and deserves to be on display.

Of course you can use it at the dining table too !

The base clay is reddish/rust in colour giving this piece a warm rose-gold like glow or blush. It is quite something up close. Light to hold, it is more delicate than it appears in these photos which really don't do it the justice it deserves no matter how we shoot it!






12.6 cm diameter across the top

6.4 cm tall



Do not place in the dishwasher or microwave. Rinse out and air dry. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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