A few of my favourite things - sold separately...

OK, so I was planning to keep these three ceramic beauties from Kyoto because... LOVE!!!!!!

As such, I didn't photograph them separately (or did I ...??) 

If you are brave enough to wrangle them off me, then so be it. 


PLEASE CHOOSE A, B or C from the pull down menu when you check out. Thank you!


A ) is the gorgeous off white, round vase with all over bevelling 

B)  is the taller grey glazed vase with vertical ridges

C)  is this stunning guinomi (sake cup) with a thick milk- coffee crackled glaze over chocolate - the energy in this small but weighty cup is truly something, the patterning around it is organic in nature with darker pitting on the 'face' of the vessel. It's a little bit glorious and comes in a small box.







8 cm wide,   9.5 cm tall


7cm wide,   11 cm tall


5.5 cm wide, 5 cm tall





Handle carefully. Avoid microwave. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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