Latte Chalice

This large handmade ceramic chalice is a latte lover's dream cup.  It's large enough to hold a decent size coffee (or wine or beer) and feels great in your hands - which means it effectively doubles as a hand warmer and what could be more Japanese than that?

This cup is cloaked in a luscious cream glaze with a hint of glassy green over the top, and sports deep lines (resembling the fine bamboo whiskers of a Chasen or tea whisk) and a chocolate clay foot. 

*The second cup is not included in this price, but it is by the same artist so they make a striking duo.  If you think you need them both - you can find the other one here!

 Both Tambayaki cups were purchased from an artists' coop near Kyoto. 





 8cm diameter across the top

 12 cm tall



Handle carefully. Avoid microwave. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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