'Kakishibu Washi' Dish

Long ago a wide variety of everyday Japanese items such as clothes, hats, bags or dishware were made  by layering and laminating quality washi (paper) with the juice of raw persimmons - it was called Shibusupi. Each layer moulded into shape, dried and strengthened in the sun before adding the next.

This little dish has been lovingly made in the same fashion - in this instance covering a bamboo basket with vintage washi which has first printed with kanji (Japanese characters) before the final painting with the stain was applied. In modern day usage the stain is usually fermented for several years before being dried for preservation then reconstituted for use. The tannin is water resistant.

It has been pre-loved and is approximately 10-12 years old. The colour has deepened over time with exposure to light and will continue to do so throughout it's life - which will be long as they are particularly sturdy, albeit extremely light, vessels - made to last, like all good handmade crafts in Japan.  On the inside it has been stamped red with a hanko - the name stamp of the artist. 

This would look gorgeous on a dresser as a vessel to pop small items into for safe-keeping or keep it, on a desk for small stationery items, in the kitchen for garlic bulbs or fresh ginger root.  Or even use it as a vessel to offer teaspoons in when serving a cuppa to friends. 


As you can see it is rather handsome but it does have a couple of small lighter patches which may or may not darken over time. 


8.2 cm wide,  11.7 cm long , 4.2cm high

*Price includes shipping in Australia




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