Japanese Incense (2 x 10 stick boxes)

We can pretty much guarantee you'll fall in love with this... Please don't blame us for any ongoing addiction.

The making of Japanese incense, like most things the Japanese turn their hand to, is truly an art form. Incense is considered one of the ways to beautify a space - scent being all important to our senses and often mood.

If aroma is important to you and your home - you are going to adore these beauties! 

Like a really good 'mixed tape' we're hand-selecting our favourite incense aromas for every box in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Order more than one of these (2 pack sets) and you'll be guaranteed a wider range of styles. 

If you find something in particular you like - note the name of it (written on the sides of some) or the colour and we'll pop more of that in for you next order - depending on stock availability.

Each box contains 10 sticks of extremely high quality incense made in Japan by the top incense houses of Kyoto and beyond.

Once you try this you will be hooked so don't say we didn't warn you  ...


How to use:

Incense sticks are very fragile so please keep them stored in the box to protect them and also so they are not exposed to too much air and light.

When you burn them please just light the top with a match or lighter and blow it out - it should glow red at the tip. Place it in an incense holder (we'll have a couple available soon in homewares and decor) or you can insert the unlit end into an indoor potplant's soil - just make sure it is away from the foliage.  

Keep lit incense protected from any breeze - eg fans, open windows etc so they don't burn down too fast. 

The amazing aromas linger for hours and if you've been to Japan - they will instantly transport you straight back to that atmospheric cobbled laneway, or the temple you wandered through as the monks chanted in a low hum, or that fantastic smelling shop which sold beautiful hand made things... you know what I'm talking about fellow Japanophiles.  


Note: This product is packed into 2 small boxes containing 10 sticks each - a total of 20 incense sticks

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