'Futagogo' Sake Cups


We rarely see this particular kind of stemmed sake cup in modern day and they are quite something. The age of these antiques is unknown but estimated as late Edo or early Meiji period.

The pale blue glazed background is covered in mid blue Japanese characters which have been hand-painted over the top  - each are slightly different for that reason.

Although the text is the same it is lighter and heavier in different parts and the characters are slightly different shapes. They have each been signed by the artist and were purchased from an antique story in Kyoto.

We've called them 'twin talk' - the language between twins - but while these two might seem identical at first  - they have slightly different perspectives!

Use them as intended or for plum wine, sherry or liqueurs. Or display them for your visual pleasure.

An aside, these would make gorgeous egg cups or open cruets! Or candle sticks for the right sized candles!


Excellent and signed by the artist


Height: 7.8cm

Width across, top: 5.8cm, base: 4.8cm


**Price includes shipping in Australia

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