Japanese Field Cup

We called this handmade ceramic Japanese cup 'Field' for its colour  - imagining rice or wheat crops about to be picked, glowing in the afternoon sun. A few sunflowers waving in the background. Perfect time for a cuppa - the fields can wait!

The casual, purposely imperfect nature of patterning and glazing makes this unique cup as alluring as all get out.   In light-changing tones of honey and the faintest hint of olive green with an appearance that hints towards ancient cave painting, part faded country scenes decoupage this piece is bizarrely exotic in a way you can't quite put your finger on. A rather special one off for the right person.   

Oh, and we can see whiskey in its future too... by the fire, maybe a pipe, a robe (Japanese of course... go check out our collection of vintage kimono!) some thick warm socks...   

Wow - we're 'all over the place' and we don't care   - it's the effect of this unique piece o' pottery from quirky Japan  - country of contrasts!

Pop this on an open shelf with ceramics in natural tones and you've an instant art gallery in your home! See final pic for inspiration. 




9cm in diameter across the top

7 cm tall



Unless you are dropsy - hand wash to keep this lasting longer. 


*Price includes shipping in Australia 

 O/S Shipping available 


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