Large Daikon Grater

This strange-looking beast is basically a giant version of a ginger grater and, if you're into cooking Japanese at home, you'll be needing one for grating daikon (giant white radish!). And no, you can't use a regular grater!

When winter approaches Daikon are at their best and appear in all manner of traditional Japanese foods. The juice is collected in the rim for pouring off (or adding to a green smoothie - great for cold season!) . The grated pulp is squeezed to remove any excess juice and then used in dipping sauces (think tempura!), dressings and steamed dishes.  There is no other way to achieve the correct texture than to use a Japanese style grater. This one just happens to be quite fancy, made by a ceramic artist in a village outside Kyoto - so it looks as good as it is practical!

**Hot tip - the round (leafy end) of the daikon is sweetest and best for salads etc  - it's the pointy end which is used for grating - thanks to its slightly peppery tips. The long stretch in between is chopped and added to hotpots or stews, or simmered  in thick slices and topped with a yuzu miso dressing for eating with a spoon. Cut it into chunks for adding to the roasting tin with other winter veg - sprinkle shichimi over the top if you like things spicy!

Condition -  new 

Size: 20cm diameter, 3 cm high 

**Price includes shipping within Australia


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