'Aoi' Ceremonial Sake Cup

The Aoi 'Hollyhock' leaf motif adorns this small creamed-honey coloured, crackle-glazed sake cup.

This shallow, wide cup style or sakazuki is popularly used in ceremonies and was purchased during the annual Mitarashi Matsuri - a water purification festival held during the summer months of an important shrine in Kyoto. 

During the sweltering summer there are many festivals in Japan but this one is very popular with the locals -  not only for the ceremony but the chance to wade in the icy cold mountain spring water which both purifies and brings relief by bringing one's body temperature down - at least for a while. The cool water is as refreshing as this cup is to look at with it's relaxing green tones. The hints of red, the colour of many shinto shrine gates,  are for protection against negative, darker energies. That's quite a lot of responsibility for a small, albeit footed, cup. 

I'll drink to that - pour some sake and sip it by a cool stream. Of course this vessel also works well as a small bowl for snacks or jewels!

Condition - As new/ never been used


Height: 3.8cm

Width across top: 9.3cm

**Price includes shipping in Australia


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