Miruku Ochoko Sake Cup

This small and exquisite hand-crafted sake cup beautifully showcases 'milk'  or white slip glazing, which contrasts nicely against its pale earthy grey under colour and the textural nature of the ribbed exterior. 

Make this an addition to your sake cup collection. What you don't have a sake cup collection? Then it's time to start one up with this stunner!  There's a charming Japanese custom where a range of unique sake cups are presented on a tray - each person drinking sake chooses the cup which speaks to their soul ...  This ochoko clearly already whispered to us ... but what does it say to you?

Don't drink sake or other sippers like sherry or liqueurs? It's the perfect little espresso cup too! 




Approx. 5.5 cm in diameter across the top

6 cm tall



Handle carefully. Avoid the dishwasher.

**Price includes shipping in Australia  - for OS please see international sales page

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