Japanese Indigo Shibori Shawl

This 100% fine cotton shawl or wide scarf has been hand dyed by Indigo artisans, from Japan's Shimane prefecture, in the shibori style.

Lightweight and flowing this handy shawl is wide enough to wear around your shoulders as an extra layer over a summer dress but works just as well in the cooler months as a scarf when tied. While it looks raw and organic it feels superbly soft against the skin.

We have just two of these gorgeous scarves available and they each have slightly different dye patterns due to being handmade. 

Condition: New

Size: 62cm wide and 88 cm long


The Japanese make things to last a long time and care for them well for the same reason. 

To retain the colour and texture as long as possible please clean by soaking in hot water (around 80C  - not boiling!) for an hour until the water becomes a little cloudy then repeat once or twice again in clean hot water if needed. The first few times you wash this some indigo dye may release too and that is normal.  Avoid machine washing as the friction can cause the fabric to deteriorate sooner than it would. 

Only use soap, and a mild one at that, if it really needs it. Try the hot water method first. 

Lightly squeeze out most of the water then allow it to air dry OUT of the sun.

Sunlight will fade this garment over time. 

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