Homewares & Decor

Antique, vintage, pre-loved or new these beautiful Japanese items will enhance your home and lifestyle aesthetic and or practically. 

Ceramic, wood, lacquerware, textiles, bamboo, metalwork and more. Natural tones, indigo and white, vibrant vermillion, Japan black and pure gold. Earthy and raw, sleek and contemporary, fun and playful. 

You deserve to drink your morning coffee from a beautiful, hand made ceramic cup by a Kyushu ceramic artist. That little antique lacquerware plate would serve well for a handful of nibbles -  but it would also look gorgeous sitting on your sideboard. Pretty little bowls are perfect for condiments at the table or for your earrings beside the bed...

You can't help but appreciate the look, feel and purpose of each item in its entirety. Many pieces have an energy of their own and if you fall in love with them - it's probably because they are reaching out to you. We know that sounds ridiculous - but that's truly how we feel.  That's why we picked each up in the first place - we know the right piece for you will draw you towards it. 

Our Homewares and Decor section evolves in accordance with availability and demand  -  gently shaping the collection with each new addition.  

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