Welcome to Zenbu Home

June 12, 2017

Welcome to Zenbu Home

It's been a long time in the making... and yet not so long really. 

We're just two people with a shared love for Japan and her aesthetic in all its facets - who are so very excited to now get to share a little bit of our 'second home' with an audience larger than the small number of  guests we're able to host at Zenbu Tours each year!

We'll own up to going a little bit crazy when we are in Japan because we simply can't keep all the beautiful (and sometimes completely kooky) things we find in our travels - that's where you come in.

We hope you'll connect with this fluid collection of objects which we can't help but adore  - and give one or two of them a good home. 

We are starting with a small collection of Kimono, Haori (short Kimono jackets) and Yukata (summer kimono), Obi and other sashes and some books on Japanese food, travel and culture.  

Over the coming weeks we'll gradually be adding more gorgeous Japanese objects for your home including tableware, fabric, art, crafts, ceramics, incense, curios, paper and a few fun things for the kids..  

So pour yourself a cuppa and stay a while... let us know if there's something you like or something particular you're looking for - you never know we might just be able to find it for you next trip! 

Thank you

Jane and Gerard

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August 17, 2018



If you are interested in all things Japanese (or simply love beautifully crafted homewares, decor, and fashion accessores) food&travel writer Jane Lawson of Zenbu Home & Zenbu Tours will be hosting a weekend event in Sydney featuring a collection of Japanese treasures from her travels.

Hand crafted ceramics (both rustic & contemporary), lacquerware, fabric/textiles, kimono, furoshiki, jewellery/ accessories, crafts, bags, washi (paper), stationary, incense, tableware, bamboo and trinkets. A mix of new, pre-loved and antique objects....


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EVENT NEWS! Japanese Tea Ceremony, Wagashi, Sake & Kimono
EVENT NEWS! Japanese Tea Ceremony, Wagashi, Sake & Kimono

September 02, 2017

Sounds like a great day out right?  
We thought so too - so we've decided to host a relaxed Japanese Culture Day here at Zenbu Home HQ !
Join us? 

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Midori Japan
Midori Japan

July 25, 2017

Peaceful, inviting, textural green. Evocative, lush and lingering green. Delicious, protective, happy green. Boldly bright and refreshing green.
Moss cloaking stone statues and rocks, matcha flavoured sweets, swaying bamboo, early spring greens, young gingko leaves,  subtle sculpted hedges, sushi, koi ponds, tea, ceramics.

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