Midori Japan

July 25, 2017

Midori Japan

If you had to choose just a colour to represent Japan - green, or midori, might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  
Red perhaps? red and white? Possibly indigo blue, elegant black or blossom pink.
But take a look around.
Peaceful, inviting, textural green. Evocative, lush and lingering green. Delicious, protective, happy green. Boldly bright and refreshing green.
Moss cloaking stone statues and rocks, matcha flavoured sweets, swaying bamboo, early spring greens, young gingko leaves,  subtle sculpted hedges, sushi, koi ponds, tea, ceramics.
Come. Take a look for yourself. 

 Japanese sake in green bottle green moss garden NaraGreen ginko leaf on Kyoto pebbled pathgreen ceramic plateperfect pink camellias against green leaves kyoto japangreen leaves in tea ceremony water buckettokyo taxi green lightgreen moss covered tree rootsramen with green shallotsGreen moss on buddhist statue in Japanese garden Tokyocool green river japanKyoto winter green garden tall green trees and moss at Kyoto templegreen waxy leaves and hot pink camelliagreen Japanese ceramicskoi in green pond with green reedsKyoto temple gate against green forest backgroundgreens textural textilesgreen bamboo forest Arashiyamagreen plate with tofu kyoto restaurantgreen railway station with red kimonoMatcha green tea salt with spring green tempuragreen house traditional japanese architecture kyotosweeping green moss kyoto templegreen pond with lotus kyoto Japanese gardencooling green cucumbers on sticks for hot Japanese summerGreen Kenrokuen garden in summer

If you are interested in finding your own patch of Green Japan - why not join one of our mothership's Japanese Cuisine and Culture tours? And trust us .. there are plenty of other colours too dive into .. we'll show you a little more Japanese colour and movement soon!. 

2018 Zenbu Tours Schedule

Zenbu Tours is excited to announce that we'll be holding 3 Japanese Cuisine and Culture tours for 2018.

no. 1              12 Day Zenbu Zen Tour (early Jan 2018) - Kyoto

no. 2              15 Day Zenbu Setsubun Tour  (late Jan - early Feb 2018)  -Kyoto & Tokyo

no.3                15 Day Zenbu Haru Spring Tour  (May 2018)  - Kyoto

Of course if you are on the Zenbu Tours mailing list you will be the first to hear about what Zenbu Tours has in store for 2019!

If you'd like to be added simply email 'PLEASE ADD ME' to janelawsonfood@bigpond.com.au.

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August 17, 2018



If you are interested in all things Japanese (or simply love beautifully crafted homewares, decor, and fashion accessores) food&travel writer Jane Lawson of Zenbu Home & Zenbu Tours will be hosting a weekend event in Sydney featuring a collection of Japanese treasures from her travels.

Hand crafted ceramics (both rustic & contemporary), lacquerware, fabric/textiles, kimono, furoshiki, jewellery/ accessories, crafts, bags, washi (paper), stationary, incense, tableware, bamboo and trinkets. A mix of new, pre-loved and antique objects....


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EVENT NEWS! Japanese Tea Ceremony, Wagashi, Sake & Kimono
EVENT NEWS! Japanese Tea Ceremony, Wagashi, Sake & Kimono

September 02, 2017

Sounds like a great day out right?  
We thought so too - so we've decided to host a relaxed Japanese Culture Day here at Zenbu Home HQ !
Join us? 

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July 18, 2017

I'm not sure exactly when it happened but I've come to realise that at some point during the last few years I've inadvertently acquired a fascination for Wagashi.

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