Hello Kimono

June 29, 2017

Hello Kimono

After a little Kimono inspiration? Firstly, whether you choose to wear or display them - at all times be sure to treasure them.
But if you do choose to wear them... Pay particular attention to the variety of colours and patterns which have been so cleverly put together in some of the following photos.
IMG_2336 copy
The Japanese have a special knack for such things.  Combinations that, to the untrained eye, might seem at odds with each other at first glance inevitably end up working beautifully with seemingly effortless layering ... what a skill.  
I'm the type that predominantly wears black with black and perhaps a splash of black...  but kimono have allowed me to add a little colour and texture to my life in a very simple way.
Being rather more fullsome than the typically petite Japanese figure -  I don't dress formally in Kimono but I do love to wear them as long flowing jackets... or robes.  What ideas do you have for your kimono, yukata or haori? 
Oh and PS... take note of the way these garments are wrapped around the body before tying - always LEFT OVER RIGHT.
That is to fold the right edge of the jacket over your body then fold the left edge over before securing - that goes for Kimono or Yukata. Haori are a no brainer - they have small ties that secure at the front with no crossover!

IMG_2111 IMG_1534

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