Vintage Lacquerware Ise Ebi Plate

This small Japanese vintage lacquerware plate was sourced in Shiga prefecture, adjacent to Kyoto, in a gorgeous old antique store - which we could have spent days in!  Alas, short on time we only made a few purchases - including this one,  with a simple design featuring handpainted Ise Ebi ( lobster) or Ebi (prawn), we're not sure to be honest,  in red lacquer on a caramel lacquer base, flourished with gold leaf lacquer. Its base and rim is black lacquer.    As Ise-ebi are popular around New Years we suspect it would normally only be seen at the table at that time for Osechi ryori (New Years specialities). Part of the Kanji reads Katsura and yama which might be a family name or it could originally be from somewhere near Katsura in Kyoto... we'll update when we find out ! All we really know is that it's rather stylish!


Good, some faint scuffing which is to be expected in vintage lacquer. 

Size: 15 cm diameter


Handle carefully. Do not put in the dishwasher. 

Hand wash in warm, mildly soapy water with a soft cloth.

Do not scrub. 

**Price includes shipping within Australia

*International shipping available  



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