Kyoto Artisan Hand-dipped Indigo Silk Fabric

From the artisans of Kyoto Indigo to you - these hand-dyed, exquisite examples of this traditional Japanese fabric dyeing method are resplendent with true blue patterns upon 100% silk cloth. 

Edge stitched by hand and their attractive patterns varying greatly, this soft and delicate silk fabric cloth could be used as a neck scarf, pocket-chief or Furoshiki bag.

They also look stunning framed, or as a hanging upon a wall as feature of your favourite living space; these examples of Japanese artisan craft bring a certain stylish Japanese design aesthetic to any setting.


※ The list of designs below follow the sequence of the photos from the first design (e.g. Picture 1 = Design 1 etc.)

Design 1 - Saturated with true blue with dark blue and light markings.
Size: approx. 49x50cm
Design 2 - Blue and white stripes - great scarf!
Size: approx. 60x60cm
Design 3 - Predominantly White with lines of accentuating blue markings.
Size: approx. 48x46cm

Care instructions

  • The hand dyed colours may run if the material is soaked
  • Wash the first time separately in a cold wash with light detergent, preferably within a mesh laundry bag.
  • do not hand wash as dye colour may run

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