Japanese Face Masks

Japanese practices meets modernist art In the streets of Japan.

Locals in Japan often wear what look like surgical face-masks - it's so common that it merely forms part of the everyday scenery and no-one bats an eyelid. That could all be very different if they were wearing one of these of course...

Normally worn because the wearer doesn't want to give or catch a cold/flu - 'surgical' masks, which now come in many fashionable colours and patterns,  have recently also become popular for those wishing to avoid socialising with others. Ie. don't speak to me I'm clearly unwell and you'll catch it... Or  perhaps they need to pop down the shops but don't want to bother with makeup.

Needless to say we loved the irony in these 'please look at me' versions by contemporary young artists dabbling in mask art!

This particular series integrates the wearer with a new mysterious look. However - if mounted properly these could make great wall 'art'. 

Or wear it to your next fancy dress party... or to the office so workmates won't annoy you... 


※ The list of designs below follow the sequence of the photos  (e.g. Picture 1 Geisha Lips mask = Design 1 etc.)

Design 1 - Geisha Lips

Design 2 -Thirsty Dog. 

Design 3 - Happy Panda

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