Vintage Japanese Fan Duo

In Japan there are several types of fans - this paddle style is called Uchiwa and they are very effective in the hot and humid Japanese summers - especially in Kyoto where it was made and purchased. 

These two are constructed in the traditional style from off-white washi paper and bamboo and feature hand painted shodo (calligraphy) in black ink.

We think they were probably made for Kyoto's "Daimonji" summer festival due to the large DAI kanji on the bigger fan.  You can learn more about Daimonji - an affectionate local name for the festival HERE. And it's rather suiting that I happened to add this fan just as the mid-August festival is due to start!

These two beauties however are a little fragile with age so we don't suggest over-flapping them -  in fact they'll last a lot longer if you go down the 'display' route!

We recommend placing them on a fan stand  - perhaps in front of a lamp or window for the light to filter through ( in some of these images you can see we've placed the fans in our louvre windows to show you how the light filters through - you can also choose to display them that way as we do at home with other fans which we change seasonally  - or whenever we feel like it!)  

Better still, if you really want to keep them away from sticky fingers and such - have them framed as wall art.  No matter how you display them - we think you'll agree they are quite striking!


As you might expect for vintage paper craft - the larger one has a couple of areas on the edging that are no longer perfect and there are a couple of age spots/ tiny marks too but they still look fabulous. 


The small uchiwa is 35 cm long and 23cm wide at the widest part

The large uchiwa is 42.5 cm long and 30cm wide at the widest part

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