Tokyo Hand-dipped Indigo Cotton Cloth Squares

These delicately hand-dyed, exquisite examples of Tokyo Indigo showcase what this artisan Japanese fabric dyeing method and style is all about. Edge stitched by hand and dyed upon silky light cotton, these six very different designs reveal many hues of true blue contrasted with white and lighter regions making them unique.

Equally beautiful on a dining table as fancy serviettes, as a small Furoshiki bag, or framed upon a wall as feature of your favourite living space, these examples of Japanese artisan craft bring a certain stylish Japanese aesthetic to any setting.


※ The list of designs below follow the sequence of the photos from the first design (e.g. Picture 1 = Design 1 etc.)

Design 1 - Round white designs on brilliant blue background.
Size: approx. 42x42cm
Design 2 - Diamond 'lattice of white lines on brilliant blue back ground..
Size: approx. 42x41cm
Design 3 - Blue diamonds and white round markings.
Size: approx. 42x41cm
Design 4 - Long White regions reminiscent of audio waves or sound frequency waves on blue.
Size: approx. 42x41cm
Design 5 - Blue all over - Cobalt blue regions punctuated with dark almost floral markings 
Size: approx. 44x42cm
Design 6 - Blue all over -Deep dark blue almost botanical markings on a lighter blue background.
Size: approx. 44x42.5cm

Care instructions

  • The hand dyed colours may run if the material is soaked
  • Wash the first time separately in a cold wash with light detergent, preferably within a mesh laundry bag.
  • do not hand wash as dye colour may run

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