'Takamura' Bamboo Trio

We've named this trio of hand-crafted bamboo vessels 'Bamboo Grove' after the famous bamboo forest of beautiful Arashiyama in western Kyoto where these were purchased. 

The high quality vessels are made from sections of durable bamboo - the smallest is coated in dark green lacquer. The other two are natural in colour -  very pale green for one and straw-like for the other. 

Bamboo is a type of grass which grows in long hollows with flattish cross sections every so often -from where new growth shoots.  When cut correctly by experts each section will have a natural base.

They are commonly used for drinking cold or hot drinks (great insulation -keeps your sake or beer cold and your fingers from scorching on hot tea!)  -  but they also make excellent containers for any number of things - use as a group or singular vases, for pencils and stationery items on your desk,  in the kitchen for small utensils - or anywhere that feels right - dress up the bathroom with greenery,  on the table with vegetable sticks.. you name it... 

Ok, so we're a little bamboo obsessed.  



As New



S - w 4.8 cm / h 5cm

M- w 6cm / h 7cm

L  - w 5.5cm / h 9cm

*Price includes shipping in Australia

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