'Namayoi' Sake Flask

This vintage tokkuri (sake flask) and two ochoko (small sake cups) are made from quality tin - apparently the best material for heating sake in.  

As tin is a maleable metal it can be dented if dropped and it seems the prior owner might have been sipping a little too much sake as this tokkuri possesses a few dents - two on the side you can see in the first image (ie they are not too noticeable) just above with the darker rings start and there's a little bit more obvious one on the opposite side - top and bottom.  We've nicknamed it 'Tipsy' the tin Tokkuri! 

While you can of course use this tokkuri as intended it also works rather well as a small vase or stylish ornament. 

Fill the tokkuri and place in a pan of hot water and heat to around 40C  - more than that and you'll alter the flavour and alchohol too much.  


Sadly this has a few dents from where it has been dropped in another life, and oxidised in parts - but still rather gorgeous we think!


10.5 cm tall

about 6cm across at the widest part

*Price includes shipping in Australia


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