'Kame' Obi

  • This stunning, wide vintage Obi sash for Kimono features heavily woven brocade over one side and is a piece to cherish. The underside is plain black silk. 

    This type of Obi (fukuro obi) would traditionally been worn at formal ceremonies and celebrations and in this case, possibly in wedding attire.

    Decorated with a repetitive, geometric 'Tortoise' pattern enclosing regal chrysanthemum, taiko drums, symbols of long life such as the crane (the origami paper crane often plays a part in weddings), pine tree  (strength),  the Buddhist wheel of fortune plus other lucky symbols and symbolically rich flowers make this an excellent special occasion gift - as a hanging art-piece,  decorative runner for a dining table, sideboard or foot of the bed. Wishing the receiver the very best of luck, happiness and long life.

    If you are really far more clever and crafty than we will ever be  - shorten the obi to make a various length table runners or wall hangings,  cushion covers  or perhaps even sew into several clutch or shoulder bags - keep one for yourself and gift or sell the rest! 

    A small section towards one end of this Obi, for ease of wearing, has been left un-patterned - ie it's black on both sides and measures approximately 108cm. 


    Excellent  - the front side is absolutely sensational in both look and feel - however there are just a couple of small spots where a couple of the embroidery threads have pulled slightly. The black silk backing is in very good condition with just minor marks occasionally which may come off with spot cleaning - see care instructions. 

    Note - Please Read before purchase:

    As we take every measure to ensure you are advised of the correct sizing and condition prior to purchase - we ask you to please be aware that we don't refund for Obi chosen in error. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries before purchase.

    All vintage and antique obi were hand made.


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