'Kabu' Plate

This small antique ceramic plate, estimated to be from the late Edo period or early Meiji Period, is covered in hand-painted 'turnips' and chrysanthemum flowers in cobalt blue over a white base glazed porcelain. The artist's stamp is on the back.  

Turnips are believed to bring good luck. In one form or another they were popularly given as wedding gifts - ie strong leaves and long roots representing strong and lasting relationships! Turnips reportedly help to battle disease and therefore they also represent good health. What's not to like?   

Use it as intended at the table or admire it as ceramic art. 


Excellent. There are no chips or cracks.

On the base/underside there are a few tiny glazed-over faults pre-firing - just pinprick sized indentations and barely noticeable.



Just over 11.5 cm in diameter across the top

2 cm tall 

**Price includes shipping in Australia


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