Japanese Fabric Book-cover with Botanical Scene

It is not uncommon in Japan, to see a fellow train or subway passenger reading a novel or manga comic which is has in turn been placed into a paper or fabric book-cover. As books and comics are very much respected there, the purpose of these book-covers are to both protect and enhance the look of the book.

This is a particularly pretty example. Handcrafted from durable 100% raw cotton, a delicate botanical scene has printed delicately in indigo blue over a natural beige base material. Inside the cover a wide elastic holds the book in place while cleverly incorporated bookmark helps to keep your place in the book. 

This would make the perfect gift from Japan for that special bookworm that you'd know would love this!

Condition: New

Size: approx. 115.5 x 20.5 cm, flat book cover dimension (without taking into account the width of the spine of the book)

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