Japanese 100% Heavy Fine Cotton Table Cloths - Two Contemporary Designs

These striking tablecloths feature two contrasting contemporary Japanese designs, one leaning towards modernism in black and white, the other venturing into traditionalist iconography yet with a brightly coloured twist.

These square cloths, traditionally known as a Furoshiki which are tied into a bag for carrying items or presenting gifts are now fashionable as tablecloths for smaller tables.

Also, due the bold designs quality fabric they are equally fabulous framed or hung on the wall or displayed elsewhere in your home or work-space.


※ The list of designs below follow the sequence of the photos from the first design (e.g. Picture 1 = Design 1 etc.)

Design 1 - Modernist two panel modern style - white squares on black panel & white panel with small red motif
Size: approx. 91x92cm

Design 2 - Traditional Japanese Bowls in red, white, yellow and green on a deep Teal background . 
Size: approx. 103x104cm

Care instructions

  • Do not use detergent or hot water
  • Wash the first time separately in a cold wash then wash only as needed to protect the quality. Spot clean instead where you can by dabbing with a damp warm cloth with a little diluted fabric cleaner
  • hang to dry but do not expose to direct sunlight for fear of fading.


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