Grey Groove Bowls

These two handmade, matte grey glazed Japanese ceramic bowls lined in creamy enamel with hints of pink are just asking to have creamy coffee or rich hot chocolate sipped from them. 

Of course they are the perfect size for rice, soup or petit salad too!

A single bowl standing alone captures the light in its grooves in a way that says - I'm too gorgeous to sup from lady - just look at me! I'm a sculpture. And we have to agree - they are pretty gorgeous. 

To hold these bowls in your hands, feeling the raw textured exterior has a strange way of connecting you with the artist and the clay. In fact every piece of handmade ceramic has the energy of the maker - and we don't all fall in love with the same pieces but when one grabs you, it grabs you. These grabbed us as you can tell. 

As these bowls are hand-crafted they are both slightly different, most obvious by the pink patterns inside each bowl. You may buy them individually of course but they look great and work well as a set of two for the table. 

The individual pricing is outlined below.




11.0 cm in diameter across the top

6cm tall


Handle carefully. Do not put in the dishwasher or use in the microwave. 

**Price includes shipping in Australia

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