Green Universe Sake Cup

This striking sake cup, washed in a pale slate grey glaze on natural clay is in the wide-mouthed 'guinomi' style, which is a little bit bigger than the commonly more petite ochoko. Its name derives from the round crackle glaze 'cluster' ,in the most vibrant blue-green colour,  situated at the bottom of the cup. When this crystal like glaze catches the light, it resembles a shimmering group of stars in the night sky. This fine Japanese ceramic is simply beautiful to the touch.

Enjoy a fine sake from it or use it as a condiment dish or vessel for small objects like rings or stationery clips etc.






Approx. 8.5 cm in diameter

4 cm high



Handle carefully. Preferably hand wash or on a gentle machine cycle.

**Price includes shipping in Australia  - for OS please see international sales page

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