Fabric Sprig Trio

Make a bold, decorative statement in your home with one or more sprigs of these quirky, handmade, fabric branches from Tokyo.

Each sprig is unique and looks great on its own as a single stem or mixed into a small funky bouquet with one or both of the other sprigs.

All feature red 'berries',  against indigo blue and deep autumnal toned backgrounds with a variety of traditional patterns and swirls. They are photographed together in the main image but you can see them separately on the right also. 

Place in a vase, along a table or one sprig on a  longish ceramic dish.  Or hang from a hook ( there is wire inside so you can manipulate them as you like including curving the end into a loop).  

Basically do what you will! Wear them in your hair or lapel if you wish! 



New from preloved vintage fabric


3 separate sprigs  - approximately 28 cm in height

*Price includes shipping within Australia


Collections: Homewares & Decor

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