Daruma Badge

A favoured character in Japanese Buddhism and culture - Daruma (think Dharma) stands for perseverance, courage and determination - all strong traits of the Japanese.

Years of non-stop, day and night meditation through the most incredible adversity is just one of the reasons for earning this reputation - so the story goes!

Roundish shaped (ie no arms or legs... it's a long story), contemporary Daruma dolls are most commonly coloured red and white. The eyes are left blank for the purchaser to paint one pupil in black ink and make a wish, when it comes true the other pupil is painted  - completing the doll or ornament.

The character on this brooch, in black textured fabric is waiting for you to make a wish... Of course Buddhists believe in impermanence so the message here is to remember that things will always be up and down so we might as well stay positive! Keep wishin', and hopin' and thinkin' and....

Whether things are good right now for you or will be in the future - this little Daruma will be by your side - possibly literally! 

He comes accompanied with 5 sticks of  stunning Japanese incense to meditate on. See your luck is already looking up!

Handmade in Kyoto by a local craftsperson.






4cm diameter


*Price includes shipping in Australia

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