Daisy Chawan (Teabowl)

This deep bowl-like cup was made for serving Japanese matcha - a high grade powdered green tea.   But we won't tell anyone if you drink your soup or serve a petit salad in it.  

It feels great cupped in both hands -  you won't be able to put down, we know that sounds a little kooky but the combination of very smooth glaze and textured speckles and raw feeling foot feels very much like this cup is trying to tell you a story. 

If you don't trust yourself then simply set this piece of ceramic art on display for admiration. 

Daisies, leaves and berries in glazes of rich milk chocolate, teal and pale blueberry feature on a speckled stone background. The outer bottom of the cup sports a dark brown glaze and the artist's signature. 





10.5cm diameter, 8cm tall


*Price includes shipping in Australia


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