Chrysanthemum Kashigata Box (wagashi mould)

With a 300 year old history, all of our specially selected Kashigata or wagashi (sweet) moulds, are antique or vintage and handmade from various woods. 

This particular example stands as one of the most uniquely designed kashigata we have found. Assembled as a three-piece, 3D mould, the hand crafted pieces perfectly interlock in order to reveal two beautifully carved Chrysanthemum blooms. There's hand written Kanji naming the wagashi crafter on the back. 

Once highly functional items, sadly, this is a dying craft - making Kashigata highly collectible.  In recent times these older forms of traditional Kashigata have become a sought after form of sculptural art.

Kashigata confectionary moulds come in varying sizes. Those with multiple smaller carved shapes are predominantly used for making tea ceremony sweets and larger Kashigata, produce sweet offerings for gifting at special celebrations,  shrines and altars.  This kind of wagashi are made by pressing a mixture of rice flour and fine sugar into the carvings. 

Commonly made from wood of the Yamazakura or Mountain Cherry ,  sometimes from Camellia or Ginko and more rarely from others - kashigata were hand-carved by artisans who spent a lifetime perfecting their craft. The wood was commonly aged for several years before carving.

Some Kashigata are intricate while others are streamlined and a combination looks absolutely stunning mounted on the wall or sitting on a sideboard, mantle or display unit.

The Chrysanthemum, or Kiku in Japanese, exists as a ubiquitous symbol in the country's culture and holds a special reverence as it features, in its 16-petal form only, as the Imperial Seal of Japan. It is also found on coins, numerous family crests, kimono fabrics, in art and so on. Considered an autumnal flower, it is generally associated with longevity and rejuvenation.  



The three interlocking sections fit together to form a 'box', approximately 22.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 cm in dimension. 


A truly unique acquisition.

This kashigata mould is in excellent condition and given its unique design, would make an incredible display piece, either as a whole or as three separate components.

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