Bisuketto Mug

There is so much character to this generous flat-bottom mug that Gerard finds this piece one of the hardest to part with. He describes the mug as a chocolatey cookie filled with sweet white icing - bear with him... he is a little unique!

A gorgeously mottled cream wash gives way to a slightly metallic chocolate glaze on both the interior and exterior of the cup; inviting hot creamy beverages or spirituous nightcaps inside.

As one striking handmade Japanese ceramic, the piece is also practical, with its decent volume, ribbed exterior and exposed ceramic base. This vessel will keep cold beverages cold and hot ones hot.

While it's suitable for tea or coffee - we imagine sipping a smooth whiskey or rich liqueur from it. What's your tip for a tipple from the Biscuit Mug?

We don't all fall in love with the same pieces for this reason but when one grabs you, it grabs you. This certainly took Gerard's breath away. 




Approximately 9 cm in diameter across the top
7.5 cm deep


Handle carefully. 


*Price includes shipping in Australia

**International Shipping available

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