Antique Tortoiseshell Hair Comb and Pin

Collector's item.

We're not 100% sure of the original owner of this intricately hand-sculpted and polished, natural tortoiseshell hair comb and ornamental pin set  -  we can only assume it was a woman of culture and high-standing and quite likely a Geiko (Kyoto for Geisha).

This type of comb and hair ornament (Kushi and Kanzashi) were used for traditional hair styles known as Nihongami - as still worn by Maiko (trainee geisha in Kyoto) and Geiko and for other women on formal occasion such as a wedding.  

After many years of training, Geiko are considered beautiful butterflies who do not require as many adornments as their younger sisters or Maiko san (whose combs would likely have been more decorative)... This particular comb was purposely kept simple to celebrate the natural pattern and quality of the shell. 

Have this mounted in a frame to further preserve it's beauty and display it on the wall. 

This rare specimen is estimated to have been made around the early 1900's.



Excellent - all prongs attached. As with all antique items there is a little evidence of ageing but mainly in that the surface is slightly dulled from use - but it is still exquisite.



Comb - 9.5cm along the comb edge, pin is 12cm

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