Antique Red & Black Lacquerware Dishes

These authentic Japanese lacquerware lipped plates are made from hand-carved wood coated in many layers of quality lacquer, buffed and polished in between each layer. Made to last - like all artisan goods.

Rusted vermillion and black lacquers feature hand-etched camellias and leaves.  One of Japan's favourite flowers. 

We have 4 of these lovely dishes in stock and each are slightly different - as you'd expect being handmade.  Each has small imperfections from age. Two of them have little patches of wear over the etchings - but we think that adds to their allure! The zen of imperfection. 

They are beautiful as a set for use at the table but equally a single unit would add some magic around the home - either displayed mounted on the wall or resting on a plate stand on a sideboard or mantel. 

Size: 17.5 cm across and 4cm deep

Estimated age : approximately 100 years old


Hand wash in warm, mildly soapy water with a soft cloth.

Do not scrub. Do not put in the dishwasher as the wood may warp.

*NOTE: If you wish to buy all four dishes please contact us and we can arrange a small discount

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