All-natural Kyoto Artisan Traditional Cleaning Set

When wandering around the shopping streets and narrow alleys of splendid Kyoto you are sure to come across artisan vendors specialising in beautifully hand-fashioned household tools and utensils. Among the most revered for their simple yet effective design are the handmade cleaning brushes, which are crafted by only a few remaining but respected artisans.

This handcrafted, long lasting wooden cleaning set highlights the workmanship that goes into the making of these beautiful yet practical items and includes a hard and durable 'tawashi' horseshoe shaped brush used for everything from scrubbing vegetables to baths.

Also included is a handwoven hand broom of tough rice straw (broom corn) and can be used to clean those hard to reach places  - or use it solely to brush crumbs from your tablecloth!

Lastly, a beautifully crafted long handled brush to be used for cleaning inside tall bottles and vases. Brilliant!

Useful in their intended purposes or as decorative ornaments of their own, this cleaning set is a charming reminder that Japanese artisans and their crafts often emanate from practical requirements. 

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