'Fuji' Yukata

  • No, not the sacred Japanese mountain.... Fuji is also the word for 'Wisteria' in Japan. This vintage cotton summer kimono features branches of pretty clumping white wisteria flowers swaying in the breeze - screen-printed against the clear, mid-indigo blue sky backdrop. Wisteria blooms in very late spring to early summer in Japan hence their appearance on this lightweight summer kimono or yukata. It is also the symbol of new life.

    Excellent condition.


    Note - Please Read before purchase:

    Vintage Yukata are generally made, for wearing traditionally tied with a sash, on smaller framed, not too tall bodies. Newer items come in larger sizes.

    As we take every measure to ensure you are advised of the correct sizing prior to purchase - we ask you to please be aware that we don't refund for garments chosen in error. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding dimensions before purchase.


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