Mizuhiki Gift-tag

Mizuhiki are knotted ties made from washi (paper) strings  - often found on celebratory gifts in varying sizes and shapes with symbolic meaning. Larger and more elaborate Mizuhiki themselves can in fact be given as a good luck gift - at a wedding for example.

These small mizuhiki have a dual purpose - lucky charm and gift tag! Tag a wrapped present, or pop them over the stem of a wine bottle you are gifting -instead of a ribbon or bow. They are subtle and completely stylish. 

It is said that originally Mizuhiki were used to tie back a samurai's hair into a topknot! In Japan you can sometimes see young Japanese girls wearing pretty mizuhiki in their hair when dressed in Kimono.

As the number 5 is lucky in Japan we have a set of 5 for you! Behind each handmade mizuhiki is a small paper card to write a message if you wish. 

Each of the 5 mizuhiki symbols has its own meaning:

The red one represents UME or plum blossom - which are considered to represent dignity and health as the flowers are able to bloom in the harsh winter cold

Pink is a TAKARABUKURO or treasure bag - a lucky bag filled with good fortune - representing wealth and fortune.

White is a TSURU or crane - a symbol for long life and a good omen for relationships because cranes mate for life. 

Green is MATSU or pine tree - with its ability to remain lushly green in the winter the pine is a symbol of perpetual youth and longevity 

Yellow is KAME or turtle - a symbol of long life and good luck

Of course you could always keep them for yourself and tie them on the Xmas tree, or your keyring, around your wine glass stem so you don't get confused which is yours... you know, be as creative as you wish!

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