Lucky Paper Decorations

Imagine sending out your New Year's Eve invitations decorated or filled with with some Japanese New Year symbol stickers  - and think how glamorous your dining table would look sprinkled with these for your next Japanese dinner party with the gold cranes used as place markers!

There are 4 exquisite, pre-folded gold origami paper cranes in one packet (you just need to gently pull the wings out so they stand upright ) . Cranes are often given at weddings as they grow to an old age and mate for life however they are generally considered lucky and you see them pop up for many good health and happiness wishing moments! Use them for whatever you wish for!

In the other pack are many tiny bamboo leaf, pine and plum motifs - these good luck symbols often seen in Japanese art, tableware (ceramics and lacquerware) and traditional clothing around the New Year and affectionately referred to as the 3  'Friends of Winter'. The pine represents courage, the bamboo upstanding character and the plum blossom symbolises purity  - and all three represent strength.  What better concept for moving forward into a new year. 

You could always use the stickers for what they were intended - as small seals for envelopes... but I like to mix it up! Be as creative as you like. 

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