'Kiku' Obi

  • This vintage silk 'Nagoya' type Obi sash for Kimono has both wider and thinner sections for ease of traditional wear - the style was first made in the 1920's. Approximately 2/3's of the textile is embroidered the rest is plain cream silk - making it lighter to wear. 

    Kiku means Chrysanthemum ( the flower of autumn in Japan) hence the colours of orange, red and gold which feature against the creamy white pearl coloured background -  which possibly represents the snow of winter  - being the season which follows Autumn... It is common for symbols and colours of the current and coming seasons to be displayed together as with the flowers in Ikebana ( traditional Japanese flower arranging) or motifs on seasonal tableware or art. All reflections of impermanence and the cycle of life. 

    This type of Obi would traditionally been worn at semi-formal ceremonies and celebrations, perhaps a wedding and would make an excellent special occasion gift  eg.  as a hanging art-piece,  decorative runner for a dining table, sideboard or the foot of a bed. The Imperial crest of the Chrysanthemum brings with it longevity and rejuvenation and form a textural aspect to the obi, along with the gold silk thread in the foliage - the weaving technique is fantastic. 

    If you are really far more clever and crafty than we will ever be  - either unstitch the folded over fabric and turn into a long 30cm width wall hanging or shorten the obi and turn into 2 wall hangings or table runners of different widths.  Perhaps use it to make some exquisite cushion covers or  even sew into a clutch or shoulder bag or two - keep one for yourself and sell or gift the other!  


    The patterned face-side of this garment is in generally good condition. There are a couple of small age spots inside two of the red flowers - however the vibrancy of the colour in the entirety of the garment is quite something - so the marks basically fade into obscurity. On the plain cream part of the obi  (ie. the backing and 1/3 of the front part of the obi, which is not seen when worn)  there are pale but extensive age markings. 

    Note - Please Read before purchase:

    As we take every measure to ensure you are advised of the correct sizing and condition prior to purchase - we ask you to please be aware that we don't refund for Obi chosen in error. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries before purchase.

    All vintage and antique obi were hand made.


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